Artie and Bones are a dynamic duo who are spreading love and kindness by using their creativity and imagination. It all started with a dog who loves to paint, his "art-ian" angel who loves to help and a rock.

​​​If you find an ARTIE and BONES rock, KEEP IT!

All we ask is that you please contact us via email or social media to let us know your story of when and where you found your rock. We also want to know what this rock means to you and how it brightened your day!

*All contact info can be found on the back of the rock. When posting or emailing about your find, please include the number on the rock. Each one is issued a number, because each rock is an original and there will never be another one exactly like it!

We hope you enjoy the adventures of Artie and Bones. There is so much more to come. Please LIKE and SHARE on Facebook to be updated on all ARTIE and BONES adventures.


Rock painting for kindness is a great team building activity that is great for schools, organizations, businesses and private events. Contact us to plan a rock painting activity to go along with the ARTIE and BONES book you purchased.

Activity consulting is complimentary and will include an informational hand-out that can be given to participants and parents to explain what your lesson or activity is about.

If your students and participants pre-order a book, I would be happy to sign and address each book with the participant's name and ship them to your location.




 Meet and Greet the Author

Book Reading and Rock Painting Events

​​Artie and Bones would love to come to your school!

​​Contact us to find out how your school can have a meet and greet the author event that is complete with a reading of the Artie and Bones book along with an inspirational presentation about how Artie and Bones got started with the rock painting for kindness movement.

Your school event can be in a small classroom setting or whole school assembly style!

What to do if You Find an ARTIE and BONES Rock

The Artie and Bones book series focuses on spreading kindness with creativity.  There will be one rock that will be hidden for each story in the  series. The hidden rock will be painted to match the rock in the story and will be a one-of-a kind keepsake.

Thank You for helping spread kindness with painted rocks!

Contact Us to Plan Your School Event Today!