I absolutely love it! You did such a wonderful job! Cannot thank you enough. I am so excited to show my family and friends.

D. Bass, DVM

Got painting. Amazing!!! Thanks for all your talent!

S. Sadovia

Commissioned this painting of Chloe as a birthday gift for his wife.

Hi Toni-

OMG I just opened your envelope. What a beautiful picture of Layla. It looks Just like her. I can't believe what an amazing picture. We just can't thank you enough. You have made our day. You are a wonderful friend. It looks so much like her. It's unbelievable. Thank you again.

​Joe G.



My boxer dog, Zoe, passed away this past February. She had developed end stage liver failure due to wide-spread liver cancer. My family and I elected euthanasia as a way to end her suffering.  She was a very important member of my family and continues to be missed daily. Around the same time that my family and I had learned that Zoe had developed cancer, Toni came into the clinic I worked at and left her business cards for her pet-portrait painting business. After Zoe's passing, I contacted Toni to do two portraits of Zoe. When Toni presented the pictures to me, it was overwhelmingly emotional. Toni had captured Zoe's characteristics and personality so well, it was as if Zoe had never left. My family enjoyed the paintings so much that we had another two portraits painted. Each painting was very different, but each portrayed Zoe's personality perfectly. So, while her physical being is gone, Zoe is with my family and me every day and is able to be with each of us even though we're spread out across the U.S. I can't thank Toni enough for helping my family and me cope with Zoe's passing through the use of art.

Casey Conklin, DVM

I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! She will grace us with her presence for many years to come! You have a heavenly gift!

We will cherish it for many years to come and pass it down to our children and family.

It will do wonders for our healing! We still hear her, look for her around the corner and miss her huggies. I miss her so much...everyday!

Awe how beautiful! So much love! Thank you so much for sharing your love! It means the world to me.

Everything matches perfectly! I have it all wrapped and by the tree! Thanks again!

N. Greene

Commissioned this painting of Chloe as a Christmas gift for his husband.

In Loving Memory


Nicky LVMPD K-9

It's beautiful!! I love it

 and I think she's going to flip.

OMG! I can't wait to hear what she says!!!

U rock so hard Toni. She was over the moon. Thanks for making it so special for them.

N. Thurston

Commissioned this painting of Sullivan as a gift for her sister.





He loves it! Such a great Christmas gift! He is stoked!

N. Robinson

Commissioned this painting of Sir Stewart Robinson as a Christmas gift for her husband.



I want to say I am absolutely in awe of the painting and I love it to pieces. As you may or may not know, our sweet girl passed away in early February and things haven't been the same since. I would really like to get a portrait of Zoe painted for my parents. They were her primary caretakers for the past 6 years.

They absolutely love the painting. They cried when they opened it! Thank you so much again for gifting my family with this wonderful piece of art. We appreciate everything you've done and are doing for our family in remembering Zoe, you're amazing!
All the best,

Madison C.




I love it! Looks great! It's awesome!

V. Flynn

Commissioned these paintings of Briscoe, Stella and Izzy  as  Christmas gifts for her family members.